The Twin Flame Journey.

For those experiencing this amazing and heart wrenching journey that is the Twin Flame union, it is a very personal and touching experience. Meeting your Twin Flame can make and/or break your current reality. As the Twin Flame comes into your life for a reason, sometimes this reason can be hard to except, transition into and enjoy. This is due to the fact that your Twin mirrors all your unwanted energies and behaviours to allow you to move into a vibration of unconditional love for yourself, everyone around you and also your Twin. Externally some may question your journey as a Twin Flame, envy it and even discourage you from seeking what you already know deep within. But your soul will always prevail and nudge you further into this experience and ultimately into Twin Flame consciousness. This is our soul contract, our mission and the desire we have given birth to in this time space reality. It is the path WE are choosing simultaneously from non-physical and is not to be mistaken for a pre-destined experience as we are total co-creators of our experience with the free will to attract any possibility. We are unlimited beings of infinite possibility.

There are obvious stages with the Twin Flame Journey, that can be broken down into 8 stages.

1- Yearning, alignment with your Twin.

Within this stage, Twins align through law of attraction as their vibrations are a match and divine timing of alignment within vibrations has allowed this to manifest. Either twin will have a yearning sense for a romantic connection, with the knowing that there is someone whom is a match to them. They feel it coming. And even take actions within the physical to move closer to this.

2- Vision.

Within this stage, either twin can experience in-visioning their Twin Flame, whether in a dream, meditative state or divination. For those cautious among us, a lingering sense of intense curiosity and desire to get to know the person better is the result. You don’t know what it is exactly, but this person is extremely special. You may even sense that this person will play an immensely important role in your life – even before you know them properly.

3. Falling in Love.

Falling for this person is one of the most magical and intense experiences and stages of the Twin Flame journey. You have a sense of coming home, that everything is complete once in physical union or communication with this person.

4. The Honeymoon period.

This is where the Twins get a glimpse of the harmonious union to come. They feel and live in a state of inner peace and completion. Joy and happiness is plentiful and they feel safe and secure in each others presence. One might say that this is the beginning of the Heart Awakening within both Twins as they learn to harness and emit unconditional love for eachother. Many people feel the energy from this connection. Some may feel threatened by it, (like family members) others embrace it and encourage the union as they can sense there is a purpose for the union.

5. Purging/ Mirroring stage.

In this stage there is trouble in paradise. As the ecstasy from the initial meeting period wares off, egos start to flare up. Suddenly differences in opinion, taste and personality arise, and old core wounds emerge out of the gloom. While our twin flames share and mirror our deepest needs, desires and dreams, they also tend to mirror our shadow selves. For example, if you are an emotionally repressed person, your twin flame will likely be emotionally explosive. If you tend to be arrogant, your twin flame will most likely be uncertain and quiet. In this way our twin flames challenge us, riling up our insecurities. This can be infuriating, devastating and very painful. While all the arguing and fighting in this stage may seem disastrous, the truth is that it is necessary for our growth. Without being provoked, without seeing ourselves for who we “really” are, we live in illusion and fail to grow soulfully. But this is certainly hard to realise while you’re going through such turbulence in your relationship!

6. Runner and Chaser stage.

As the negative energetic baggage comes to the surface for healing, most Twins enter a stage of facing their own Shadow Selves. This can be so confronting that it triggers one Twin to run away from the relationship. Throughout the Twin Flame Community there is a clear pattern of the runners being the Divine Masculines and the chasers being the Divine Feminines. Each Twin is experiencing old core wounds and embedded negative conditioning and patterning that wants to be illuminated. Here the Twins may need to separate to go within and heal these wounds that are blocking harmonious union.

7. Surrender and Ego Dissolution.

Once the Twins let go of some of the physical attachment to each other, the ego dissolution starts to begin. This is where we shed that which does not serve us anymore. Such as limiting beliefs, conditioning, programming and ways of being. We are totally restructured within all 4 bodies of existence. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our perception of life itself is forever altered as the fear based ego begins to release and heal. Slowly we move into a higher state of consciousness and connect with non-physical, source energy, the divine etc.

Surrendering is another experience altogether but ultimately happens as the ego is dissolved and balanced so they are in turn one in the same. Surrendering to the flow of life, being in the present moment and being at peace with all that is. (whether in union with your Twin or not!!) Reaching this state of consciousness is what the spiritual community calls enlightenment, but as a Twin we experience it and label it as Twin Flame consciousness.

8. Oneness.

Once surrendered to the loving trust, embrace and unconditional love of the universe/god, Twins experience Oneness with all that is. You reach the awareness that we are all extensions of Source Consciousness and have the eternal ability to co-create your reality. All possibilities are possible, but YOU are giving birth to new desires as life flows along. One desire being the Twin Flame relationship, journey and awakening you are experiencing. As the problems in your relationship become increasingly easy to deal with, you will enter a period of soul reunion. In stage eight it is common for you to both find a shared meaning, passion or cause that brings you a mutual sense of fulfilment. As the ego continues to relax, virtues such as forgiveness, understanding, empathy and patience are learned. The more you both work through each issue that comes your way vigilantly, the more you experience the sensation of “Oneness,” or ego death.

So in conclusion, if your are experiencing this roller-coaster of a journey, have faith. Don't lose hope as the ego dissolution begins, don't let others deter you from the deep knowing you have within. As you awaken everything will become a mirror, and others will mirror your doubt. But as long as you stay connected and in alignment with the divine, you will not mistake the signs. You are choosing this experience from non-physical and your dreams have already become a vibrational reality, the physical part of you just needs to align with that which you have created. Namaste.

Indigo Moon. 27/01/18

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