A lesson in Witchcraft

Embedded in the fear of our egotistical minds, the confusion and origin around Witchcraft can be traced back centuries.

Derived from the word 'wicca', meaning the wise one, Witchcraft has been seen as a magical phenomenon that consists of rituals, practices and spells which ensured goodluck, health, wealth, love and apparently anything the inquirer desires.

However, it was in 1000 AD that the practice of Witchcraft and witches invoked the wrath of priests, Christianity, and members of the society. Witchcraft, seen as a religion of the ancient and traditional pagan religion which worships the feminine, earthly, and masculine aspects of God, was considered as anti-Christian and a heresy. Held to be against the declarations and beliefs of the Church, witches were considered as evil, making pacts and connections with the Devil. It was even believed that witches engaged in practices such as flying, invisibility, killing, taming black wolves and cats to spy on people, and others. The belief in the existence of witches was strengthened particularly after Pope Innocent VIII issued a declaration in the 1498 confirming their existence in society, and inquisition increased, although in 1200, killing of witches had already become authorised by Pope Gregory IX. People suspected as witches were usually burned at stakes, and those pleading their innocence were either stoned to death or even sometimes thrown in water to prove their innocence. Witches usually faced severe and painful deaths or punishments. A juxtaposition of good as well as evil views, Witchcraft History is, thus, a stock of shocking, yet hypnotising incidents of humankind and their crusade against the practice of Witchcraft.

Whether it was from fear or control that the negative aspects of this situation eventuated from, it resonates immensely to those who dare to explore it.

(above picture, Salem Witch trials. The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693.)

Personally I practice Witchcraft everyday, and I believe majority if not everyone does everyday without even being aware of it. Witchcraft is the use and manipulation of the essence of the universe and its elements. People are effecting their reality through law of attraction everyday, whether they believe in it or not. It is the awareness and becoming of the connection to all that really amplifies it though. And incorporating the elements is a fundamental and extremely powerful tool to assist Witchcraft.

Easy ritual to awaken to the power of three.

Chant three times each day: Pentacles, pentacles come to me, do my bidding, set me free.

Continue chanting each day until you have reached your desired amount of alignment and connection with source, (you will never reach complete or full power as we continuously learn)

It may be challenging to hand down paganism’s free-form spirituality from one generation to the next. The confusion within society towards all religions, practices and cults has become even more apparent with the internet age. There are so many different views, theories, concepts and ideas of how Witchcraft can be incorporated into your life in a positive manner. I believe it is 100% possible, as I practice white magic daily, and have seen the profound and positive effects it has had on my life in many different areas. My advice is to follow your intuition and inner guidance to what you believe resonates with you best.

Alternatively you could book a consultation with me to talk more about your own personal journey and how you could use Witchcraft today.

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