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Cosmic Art with Luke Hoefer

Discovering amazing artists is one of my personal passions. In school, art was my favourite class, (usually because the teacher was a stoner and we could get away with murder), but I truly felt the freeing energy that guides art to come to be. And I also created some of my own best works of art at high school. I went on to University to finish my Bachelor of Arts, (not that it had anything to do with arts), and continued painting, creating and exploring art further. Having modelled and met numerous photographers, editors and creators, I began to evolve a love for art even more. And I began researching and exploring art in all forms. I began to appreciate the contrast it can bring into our perspective and also bridge new thoughts and ways of thinking within. I understand that art should comfort the disturbed or awake and disturb the comfortable or asleep. It is within art that emotions, synchronicities, memories, riddles and truth has been found... and forever pondered. Furthermore art is an escape from the mundane way of life and reality we have evolved to believe is so.

So as soon as I knew I was creating a webpage of my own, I knew I would attract many beautiful artists and have the pleasure of show casing their creations of art.

Within a Facebook group I met an artist by the name of Luke Hoefer, from Riverside Connecticut, whom is an editor and a digital creator of masterpieces. Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative or presentation process. Since the 1970s, various names have been used to describe the process including computer art and multimedia art, and digital art is itself placed under the larger umbrella term new media art.

Straight away I offered to release some of my raw modelling pictures I had obtained along the way, to see Luke work his magic on them. I was blown away!

Luke's art work reminds me of the vibrant colours seen within dream state, (however your means of obtaining that blissful state of being). He also combines the present, 3D physical reality, by the way in which he edits our beautiful bodies, into this array of 5D looking colours and patterns. These patterns can be related to the 5D or astral realm. This balance and contrast together creates a beautiful visual effect but also representing the unity of both physical and spiritual. Also the beautiful incorporation of symbols, fractals and patterns aligned with awakening our pineal gland, I believe has a greater effect than we may know. Amazing work Luke!

(Above is an edit of one of my modelling photos. More can be found throughout this blog, along with many other beautiful souls who have willingly shared their photos for Luke to edit.)

Check more of Luke's work out or contact him through Facebook via his profile or page,

or alternatively hop onto Instagram-


Also keep scrolling to see more brilliant artwork, Luke has allowed me to showcase.

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